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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: I have noticed the skirting is bowing, cracking and breaking - Could this mean our home needs to be re-leveled?

A: Probably yes, this can be a good indication that the mobile home is needing to be re-leveled.

Q: My double wide trailer appears to be separating in the center where the two-halves come together in the middle. Is this an indication of the home being un-level?

A: Yes, normal settlement generally occurs on the outside perimeter of the home, and generally where the two halves connect (the marriage line) can accumulate excessive moisture causing the two halves to separate.

Q: How long does it take to complete a leveling job?

A: In most cases, a home releveling job can be completed by our team in a couple of hours to a full day of work. Every job is different!

Q: I have a door or window that sticks and doesn't open or close properly does that mean my home may be un-level?

A: If the hinges on the door are in good working condition, then the answer is yes. Windows that are sticking or unable to open can be a sign of an un-level home.


*We do not handle any installation functions for mobile homes. Check your phone book. 

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